Punks Not Dead

Punk Berlin Wall Nov 1989 Photo: © Justin Leighton

After reading about the forced head shaving and other ‘attitude changing’ measures taken this week in Banda Aceh, Indonesia http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/gallery/2011/dec/14/police-arrest-punks-indonesia in “dealing” with their Punk Rockers. I remember newspaper headlines here asking for the same thing to be done with our own Punks. I was at school in Kensington High Street in the 1970′s I remember seeing my first group of Punks. Blue hair, bondage gear, and the icon of youth rebellion the leather jacket . The first time I ever bought a newspaper was after the infamous Grandy interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p25SdQEnhHI … the shock and outrage it coursed was electric…  I was looking through my print box and found these images from Eastern Europe in 1989.  As the Punks were to the 1970′s in the UK. So they were a challenge to the state, behind the Iron curtain in the 1980′s  … So they are now to Asia.  It’s an enduring youth movement … Many reasons why this is … The music, the look … The aggression the Fuck You statement that the cloths and the bands adhere to … Long may they live… keep shocking us… Punks Not Dead …

Punk Prague Nov 1989 Photo: © Justin Leighton

Punk Prague Nov 1989 Photo: © Justin Leighton


Punks Warsaw Sept 1989 Photo: © Justin Leighton


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